Session 1

The let'sdoc Fellowship Programme (ICCR, Kolkata) saw the finally selected list of ten projects by upcoming filmmakers engage in critical discussions and consequent developments. The tutors for this session were Nilotpal Majumdar, Kavita Joshi, Nilanjan Bhattacharya and Pankaj Rishi Kumar. The filmmakers and the tutors were put through a steady grind for four days, taking apart the films and their creative concepts and opening up avenues for the filmmakers to look at their projects from fresh perspectives. The projects were all at the initial stages of conception and the subsequent mentoring processes generated would largely go towards shaping the stories originally intended.

Here are a few moments from let'sdoc 2017 Session 1


Session 2

The second session of let’sdoc 2017 was held at ICCR, Kolkata from November 10-13. The Fellowship Programme began with the ten filmmakers reuniting after a month of having worked further on their projects. The tutors for this session were Nilanjan Bhattacharya, Surabhi Sharma and Bishnu Dev Halder. This time, the participants seemed more focused with their concepts and most had shot substantially more with their characters.

During the four days of the programme, their new materials and write-ups were intensively deconstructed and discussed to enable them to gain a clear insight into their films an develop a final approach.

The programme, concluded with the presentation of two grant awards to two participants as judged by the panel of mentors –

Stories from the Exile (by Tushnik Chaudhuri and Soumya Chakraborti)

Sheenkhalai - The Blue Skin (by Shilpi Batra Adwani and Hitesh Adwani).

Both projects subsequently developed further and selected for DocedeKolkata AFD. 2018 for further incubation and pitching.

Congratulations to Tushnik & Soumya and Shilpi & Hitesh!

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