Hajime Yoda Hajime Yoda, NHK, Japan

Yoda graduated from Tokyo University of Foreign Studies. He majored in International Relations of South East Asia especially Malaysia and Indonesia including the language. He then joined NHK in 1988. Beginning as a radio producer for the Swahili service of Radio Japan, he then moved to Television News and Current Affairs Department. He was engaged in a daily international news programme as director/producer while making documentaries about international issues. Aftermath of the Soeharto’s Fall, East Timor’s Independence, and Mercenaries in Africa are among his production. Between 2004-2006, he was dispatched to NHK’s Paris bureau as a producer. While in Europe, he produced an NHK Special on the Rise of Shia in Iraq. He is currently attached to NHK WORLD TV to supervise the English programs.

Company Profile

NHK, or Japan Broadcasting Corporation, is Japan’s only public broadcaster. It operates 4 domestic television channels, 3 radio networks in addition to international broadcast services. NHK WORLD is an integrated brand for the international services, i.e.; NHK WORLD TV, an English channel for non-Japanese, NHK WORLD PREMIUM, a Japanese channel for nationals living overseas and radio broadcast in 18 languages.

The aims of NHK WORLD are as follows:
*To provide both domestic and international news to the world accurately and promptly.
*To present information on Asia from various perspectives, making the best use of NHK's global network.
*To serve as a vital information lifeline in the event of major accidents and natural disasters.
*To present broadcasts with great accuracy and speed on many aspects of Japanese culture and lifestyles, recent developments in society and politics, the latest scientific and industrial trends, and Japan's role and opinions regarding important global issues.
*To foster mutual understanding between Japan and other countries and promote friendship and cultural exchange.