Marciej Drygas Marciej Drygas

MaciejDrygas is a Polish documentary filmmaker. Following his graduation from the Directing Department of the Moscow All-Russian State Institute of Cinematography (VGIK), he worked as an assistant to Krzysztof Zanussi and Krzysztof Kieślowski. His first documentary as director was "Hear My Cry" (1991) , about RyszardSiwiec, who, in September 1968, protested against communist totalitarianism by setting fire to himself (self-immolation) in front of thousands of people. The incident was censored in the media at the time. His follow-up film, “Weightless”, looks at the human cost of the Russian space programme.

Drygas is currently director of the radio drama section at the Reportage Lab at Warsaw University and also teaches regularly at the Lodz Film School, Poland. Other award-winning films by MaciejDrygas are Abu Haraz (2012), Violated Letters (2011), “Hear Us All” (2009)’ “The Outer Limits” (2007), “One Day in People's Poland” (2005), Voice of Hope (2002) and Schizophrenia (2001).