Barthélémy Fougea Barthélémy Fougea ,Sunny Side of the Doc, France

Barthélémy Fougea is the Producer & Founder of Winds production company. He has also served as the Producer and executive producer of more than thirty documentary films and docudramas. Fougea created Winds in 2011 with the aim to produce the documentary feature film “On the way to school”, for which he received the César (French academy award) for best documentary in 2014. Winds produces films on international subjects related to discovery, human adventure, voyage and nature through the two prisms of science and culture. Fougea also represents the Sunny Side of the Doc, the international market dedicated to factual content, where the sector gathers over four days to receive and provide funds for projects and programmes, and to find partners. The 2014 edition marked the 25th anniversary of Sunny Side of the Doc with a strong line-up of key decision makers. 2066 delegates from 58 countries, including 244 international commissioners and buyers attended the festival.