likka.jpg Iikka Vehkalahti

Commissioning Editor for YLE TV2 Documentaries, Finland since 1998.
Executive Producer for Steps For The Future and Another Finland and one of the Series Producers for Why Democracy. He is a board member in Steps India and IDFA.

In YLE he has commissioned several internationally awarded documentaries like 3 Rooms Of Melancholy by Pirjo Honkasalo, Decent Factory by Thomas Balmes, Gone To The Wind by Gennadi Gorodin, Recepies for Disaster by John Webster, The Journey by Markku Lehmuskallio, Lakshmi and Me by Nishta Jain, Paradise by Elina Hirvonen, In The Shadow Of Holy Book by Arto Halonen, Northern Star by Erkko Lyytinen and Riot On ! by John Hakalax. He has been a partner in several awarded documentaries produced in Asia, Middle-East and Africa.

Before YLE he directed several awarded documentaries for Epidem and Musafilm, among them Past is Present, Amal, Inam, Naila, Man from the Shadow , Daughter of a Terrorist, Our Common Future? and Tehri - Two Journeys.

Among the publications the most recent is a 2008 published book “Steps By Steps”, written together with Don Edkins.


TV2 Documentaries broadcasts weekly the best of Finnish and foreign Documentary films. The films deal with a broad variety of topics from very personal and touching stories to the significant issues and events concerning the whole world around us. The speakers also vary from the heads of the states to the poor inhabitants of slums, and everyone's voice is being listened to.
The documentaries are of great quality, and the viewpoint is always carefully selected. Therefore, the films resemble their makers, and the approach is open and honest.
Among the most recent films are for example. “ Stranded”, “ Wild,Wild Beach”, “Murderball” “Up The Yuangze River”, “English Surgeon”, “ Hold Me Tight, Let Me Go”, “In The Pit”, “Durakova”, “ Taxi To The Dark Side”, “Young Yakuza”