Serge Gordey Serge Gordey

Serge Gordey is a documentary producer mostly involved in international coproduction, both on television and on line.

In 2009, he joined Alegria Productions, a French company specialized in high end international documentaries : he produced among others“India’s Destiny” by Laurent Jaoui and GauthamSubramanyam, Sundance awarded, International Emmy awarded and Oscar nominated“Five broken cameras” by EmadBurnat and Guy Davidi). In Cannes 2010, he was acclaimed “international world trailblazer” for his innovative work on the web (“Gaza-Sderot : life in spite of everything”, “Havana-Miami : times are changing”). In the nineties, he had been the director of programs at Internews Yugoslavia, where he produced Balkan Bridges, a series aimed at creating a dialogue between warring parties through the innovative use of videoconferencing techniques for documentary production. From 2001 to 2007, he was executive producer and head of current affairs at Point du Jour (Paris) where hecoproduced 'Human Weapon" (Prix Europa 2003), “Junction”, Best Documentary Haifa IFF 2003, "Oligarchs" Best Documentary Banff 2006 and Special Prize of Europa and more.

Serge is the president of the Documentary committee of the French National Cinema Center and frequently takes part in international coproduction forums and documentary workshops