Barthélémy Fougea Zichrini H K CoPro Documentary Marketing Foundation, Israel

CoPro – Documentary Marketing Foundation RACoPro is a one-of-a-kind Israeli establishment that promotes and markets the Israeli documentary production by connecting Israeli filmmakers and producers with foreign producers and broadcasters. CoPro's central activities include: An annual Film market at the end of May, producer delegations to other countries in autumn and winter, bi-annual publication of fund-raising guide for filmmakers, promoting quality programs for kid and regional co-productions. The Founding director of CoPro is Orna Yarmut.

Zichrini Hatzor Katz was raised in a Kibbutz in the south of Israel in the '60's. She earned her BA in Community Theatre at Tel Aviv University and after serving in the Israeli army for two years (obligatory), she worked on several independent theatrical projects. During her studies, she worked as El Al stewardess and since 1996 she has been working in the film industry in Israel. In 2003, she joined Orna Yarmut - the founding director of CoPro Documentary Marketing Foundation - and for the last 12 years she is working as CoPro's producer. Since 2013 Zichrini is the director of DocuShuk – market of completed films. Hatzor Katz is also working at the Arabic-Hebrew Theatre in Jaffa.