Executive Producer of Program Production of International Business Group,
NHK Enterprises, INC
NR Bldg, 3F, 5-5 Kamiyama-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Japan 150-0047
1986, Graduated from International Christian University, Tokyo
1986-1999: working in NHK as TV director of documentaries, news operations.
(1997-1999) working in Hong Kong Bureau of NHK as a correspondent
1999-2002: working in NHK Enterprises as TV producer of documentaries
2002-2014: working in NHK as Senior Producer of Satellite & High-Definition Channels
2014 present job in NHK Enterprises

As director of NHK TV-Program, directing many program including;
"After Death of Rajeev Gandhi", June 1991 (Documentary)
"European Picnic Plan breaking the Iron Curtain," December 1993 (Documentary)
“Symphony of the earth – Satellite Live Message of Seiji Ozawa”, 1995 (Live Show)
"Last “Don Quixote” by Maestro Rostropovich" 2002 (Music Documentary)
As Producer of NHK TV-Program, producing some series including;
“World Strollers” 2005-07(travelogue), “Under the same roof” 2006-07 (documentary),
“Amazing Voice” 2011(music), “Cats! The world of Iwago” 2012-2014(animal)
As Producer from NHK, commissioning many International Co-productions including;
“Why Democracy?” 2007 including “Please Vote for Me” by Chen Weijun
“New Chinese” 2007&09 including “Spiral stairs” by Ji Tang (award in Yamagata)
“Indian Short films Series 1&2” 2007&08
including “Chronicle of Amnesiac” by Anirban Datta (screened on Yamagata)
“Japan; Love & Hate” by Sean McAlister 2009 as Tokyo Modern(award in Yamagata)
“ITO” by Pirjo Honkasalo 2009 as Tokyo Modern
“Queen & I” 2009
“dear hiroshima” 2012
“Char… The No-Man’s Island” 2012 (screened on Yamagata)