RYOTA KOTANI KAROLINA LIDIN, Teacher, Moderator and Marketplace Executive Producer, Sheffield DOC FEST, UK

Karolina Lidin is a documentary consultant primarily engaged at the Nordisk Film & TV Fond as Documentary Advisor. She has experience as producer, film commissioner, distributor and as CEO of Nordisk Panorama and Nordisk Forum. She also serves as the Marketplace Executive Producer at Sheffield Doc/Fest MeetMarket, one of the largest documentary and factual markets to pitch one’s projects. In addition, Karolina has been continuously involved in mentoring/training schemes, developing projects with international potential, lately with the DocsPort Incheon, Crossing Dreams, DocCampusMasterschool, the MENA Programme for the Middle East & North Africa and the FINAS Workshop for Malaysian filmmakers in collaboration with Documentary Campus and European Documentary Network. Karolina’s activities also include moderating the IDFA FORUM and numerous other documentary events in addition to festival jury responsibility, panel & selection committee participation and tutoring worldwide.