CATHERINE OLSEN RYOTA KOTANI,Tutor and Senior Producer, NHK Enterprises INC.

Since 1986, Ryota Kotani has been working for the NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation) as a director of documentaries and news operations. Some of his eminent achievements have been – an urgent report in 60 minutes after the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi in 1984 about the new political landscape with BJP (for NHK), “European Picnic Plan against Iron Curtain” (1993), his role as a producer for the international co-production “Why Democracy” (2007), “Series of Indian short stories” (2007 & 2008), “New Chinese” including “Spiral stairs” (award in Yamagata), “Japan; Love and Hate” by Sean McAlister (2009) (award in Yamagata), “Queen and I” (2009). NHK Enterprises INC. produces a variety of different types of TV Programmes ranging from Drama, Entertainment to Documentary mainly for the NHK, Japan Broadcasting Corporation, Japanese public TV. On the other hand it also creates experimental and adventurous projects with new technology as 3D travelogue, 4K or 8K programs on nature or sport, and projection mappings.