SEAN McALLISTER JUYOUNG RHEE - Senior Manager, Asian Cinema Fund of BIFF, South Korea

JuYoung Rhee is the Senior Manager of Asian Cinema Fund (ACF) of Busan International Film Festival (BIFF) since 2017. BIFF has grown to become the largest film festivity in Asia. It has established itself as a strong supporter of the Asian film industry through its various programs including Asian Film Market, Asian Project Market (APM), Asian Cinema Fund (ACF), and Asian Film Academy (AFA). As one of the funds managed by the ACF, Asian Network of Documentary (AND) Fund provides cash grant to a select number of promising documentary film projects every year and a 3-day AND Program is held during the BIFF period, offering assistance to the AND fund recipients in the completion of their documentary film projects and giving them the opportunity to network with film professionals from diverse backgrounds. Rhee has worked for BIFF for many years in diverse capacities including as Manager of Pusan Promotion Plan (currently known as Asian Project Market), AND Coordinator, Head of VIP Hospitality Services, Assistant to Festival Director and Asian Film Market Committee Member.