SEAN McALLISTER PHILIPPA KOWARSKY - Founder & Managing Director, Cinephil, Israel

Philippa Kowarsky graduated with an M.A. in Communication Policy Studies from City University of London. She has been working in the Film & TV industry in various fields since 1993. Philippa established Cinephil in 1997. It is an international sales and consultancy firm with a well-established reputation for securing distribution deals and financing for documentaries from around the world on behalf of film producers and directors. Cinephil also acts as a strategic advisor, co-producer, and executive producer. Cinephil represents the Emmy Award nominee "Tempestad" (2016) by Tatiana Huezo, which is also the Mexican pick for the Oscars 2017. Cinephil produced and represented the Academy Award nominee, "The Gatekeepers" by Dror Moreh and represents Academy Award nominees “The Look of Silence” and “The Act of Killing" by Joshua Oppenheimer, “Claude Lanzmann – Spectres of The Shoah” by Adam Benzine, as well as other titles such as “The 50 Year Argument” by Martin Scorsese and David Tedeschi and many more. Cinephil co-produced Documentary Emmy Award Winner “Night Will Fall” (2016) and represents International Emmy Award Winner “War of Lies” (2016).
Philippa was nominated for an Academy Award as producer of “The Gatekeepers” in 2013.