Heidi Gronauer has been the director of the ZeLIG school for documentary, television and new Media since 1990. She is head of project of the European training project for makers of social-awareness documentaries and cross-media projects, known as ESoDoc – European Social Documentary and the Media-Mundus/International projects ZeLIG realized in India and Africa (LINCT; ESoDoc INDIA; ESoDoc International). She has worked in Italy since 1987, when she collaborated with Trento Cinema International Encounters with Music for Cinema, organized theater series and cultural exchanges between Germany and Italy, including concept of “Adventure in Europe–City of Berlin” Project, “Pirati Teatrali” and concept of the school theater series “Teatrando ... in lingua straniera”. She is co-founder of the Italian documentary association DOC-IT. She has also been on various festival juries, she is member of the selection committee of the Trento Film Festival, the commission of experts of the South Tyrolean Film Fund IDM and of the EFA(European Film Academy). From 2014 till 2016 she co-directed the Italian Doc Screenings and the IDS Academy. The ZeLIG School for Documentary, Television and New Media is a non-profit educational centre based in Bolzano since 1988. ZeLIG runs a three-year vocational training course in documentary filmmaking with specializations in directing, cinematography and editing. The course is held in Italian, German and English. ZeLIG is a meeting point for students and teachers from throughout Europe, bringing together a world of diverse outlooks and work methods. An important part of ZeLIG’s mission is its creative focus on this multi-lingual, multi-cultural tradition. Within this vision ZeLIG developed ESoDoc – European Social Documentary, supported by the EU’s Creative Europe Programme. ESoDoc is a training initiative for media professionals and »cross-thinkers who want to develop new storytelling skills, putting together different expertise, to develop film and cross-media projects with social impact.